Key Industries offers a variety of specialised programs and services to people with disabilities. The Employment & Support Services Program (ESSP) Division operates under the Employment First Standards. It offers Personal Development, Community Connections, Job Readiness Skills, and Employment Support to participants whose goal may be employment.

To access the ESSP Programs and Services, you must apply to the Department of Social Development—Disability Support Program (DSP) and complete an application. You can do this by calling 1-833-733-7835 or visiting the link below to complete an online application.

The ESSP Division programs operate Monday to Friday from 9:00-3:30.


Personal Development Program

Our personal development programs cover all facets of independent living. Participants can choose from over one hundred life skills classes that provide a deeper understanding of navigating life’s potential challenges. Visuals emphasise an engaging, team-based learning environment, incorporating role-play, discussions, debates, games, and exercises to allow individuals to practice the skills they are learning. 

We also provide a diverse menu of additional services from which individuals can choose sessions that best suit their needs and interests. These sessions include Music, Music Therapy, Video Dance, Arts and crafts, Gardening, Fitness, Community Awareness, Outings, and Employment Readiness Programs.


Key Industries promotes social and community connections and assists individuals in exploring what Saint John and the surrounding areas offer. Participants are encouraged to engage in various community activities, such as visiting entertainment venues and festivals, participating in like-minded groups and clubs, or strolling through our beautiful historic city.

We also provide the opportunity to participate in volunteering and gain new experiences through work practice. Through volunteering, Individuals will build a network of relationships with community-minded citizens and develop transferable skills in a structured and safe environment.


Upon entry into The Launch program, a pre-screening consultation meeting will be arranged using the Individualized Employment & Support Plan (IESP). This process helps to gauge current skill levels and what would be needed for employment. 

The Launch program focuses on enhancing essential and job readiness skills, career development support, and activities that assist individuals in planning and preparing for meaningful employment. The Launch’s hands-on instruction style includes opportunities for learning while connecting individuals to their interests and community resources. A greater sense of independence is also gained while getting to know Saint John through city maps and destination findings. Individuals will start to develop further everyday skills that benefit safety and independent living or allow them to live without support.

As individuals become more job-ready, they may wish to be connected to an Employment Counsellor and one of our existing Employment Support Programs, such as:

  • Employment Marketing
  • Job Development Coordination
  • Ways To Work (a workplace social skills program)
  • Job Search Central
  • The Bridge
  • Job Coaching (once employment is gained)

Enrichment Program

Participants who become employed are invited to attend the Enrichment Program on days they are not working. The Enrichment Program was designed from a need to assist participants who may struggle with anxiety and loneliness or who are at a greater risk of becoming socially isolated to remain connected with friends.

Facilitators and participants plan fun, leisure, and recreational activities and events driven by individual interests. This program helps employed people stay socially connected by engaging in various interests, hobbies, and activities onsite and within the community. The Program Facilitator will also monitor how participants cope with the pressures of their jobs and any changes in their lives.



Programs & Services Director
ESSP Program Coordinator
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