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Employment Support Services Programs

The Key Industries “Social & Personal Development Programs” are now operating under the new employment-first standards of the Employment and Support Services Program (ESSP). Along with our existing developmental programs, we also provide employment supports, and job readiness skills to participants whose goal is employment.

We have made some changes to some of our service offerings and restructured some of our existing developmental services programs. For participants whose goal is to gain employment, we have two new programs in place; “The Launch” and “The Enrichment Program”.

Our Programs

Key Industries currently provides three employment-first programs to empower persons to achieve personal, community and economic independence.


The Launch Program concentrates on gaining pre-employment skills through daily programs. As participants become more job-ready, they may be referred to an Employment Counsellor and/or to one of our existing employment support programs.

The Launch program is designed to groom participants (whose goal is employment) to develop job readiness skills along with gaining greater independence within the community. Participants learn everyday skills that will benefit independent living or living with less supports. The Launch’s hands-on instruction style include opportunities for learning more about city maps, bus routes, why we vote and how to vote, why the government collects censes, personal and professional boundaries, filling out forms, and personal accountability skills training.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in the scope of topics explored. As participants become more independent and job ready, they can be referred to an Employment Counsellor and to Employment Programs such as the Ways Two Work Program or the Workplace Essential Skills – Job Seeker Program.


Participants who become employed can leave Key Industries and move on to a more independent lifestyle, or they can attend the Enrichment Program on their days off from work. The Enrichment Program was designed out of a need to assist participants with anxiety, loneliness or who are at greater risk of becoming socially isolated to remain connected with friends.

Facilitators, along with participants, plan fun, leisure and recreational activities and events that are driven by individual interests. This program is designed to assist employed participants to stay connected socially through engagement in exploring these interests, hobbies, and activities both onsite and within the community. The Program Facilitator will monitor how participants are coping with the pressures of their jobs and any changes in their lives.


Our developmental programs cover all facets of independent living. Participants can choose from a variety of life skills programs to assist with a successful and independent lifestyle.

Key Industries “Employment-First”

Our Social and Personal Development Programs offer a variety of specialized programs for working-age individuals aged of 19 to 64 who access Social Development’s – Disability Support Program (DSP). The DSP supports the participant’s identified personal development, community engagement, and employment goals. A DSP Social Worker must complete a referral form to access these services. These programs are offered Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 3:30.

The Key Industries Social & Personal Development Programs have changed since September 2019 to a new “Employment-First” standard. Upon entry into these programs, a collaborated planning meeting will assist in establishing an Individualized Employment and Support Plan that would identify the participant’s strengths, needs, and goals they are interested in pursuing. Through this process, an Action Plan is developed to support the participant’s evolution in achieving Personal Development, Community Engagement, and Employment goals. Our programs are adapted to support each participant’s unique and diverse interests in achieving their goals. Action Plans are reviewed and updated as goals are achieved and as participant’s interests change.

Through the Social and Personal Development Program, we offer music, arts and crafts, gardening, fitness, other activities, and community engagement. In addition, we offer over 100 Life Skills PowerPoint Programs to assist participants that include (but are not limited to) personal development, how to cope and manage emotions, improve self-esteem, affective information sharing, and other discussions on various topics to assist individuals in making better-informed decisions for themselves.

Our Community Connections program assists individuals with exploring everything in the Saint John and surrounding areas has to offer, what is available for participants to get involved in focusing on their interest, joining service groups, clubs, taking part in entertainment, festivals, and going for leisurely strolls through our beautiful, historic city. Many individuals are interested in volunteering and enjoy serving and giving back to our community. With volunteering, new skills are learned that enhance one’s resume, which may lead to employment. Our dedicated staff assists and supports participants along their continuum.

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