Pre-Employment, Social & Personal Development Programs Division

Support Services

The Key Industries “Social & Personal Development Programs” are now operating under the new employment-first standards of the Employment and Support Services Program (ESSP). Along with our existing developmental programs, we also provide employment supports, and job readiness skills to participants whose goal is employment.

We have made some changes to some of our service offerings and restructured some of our existing developmental services programs. For participants whose goal is to gain employment, we have two new programs in place; “The Launch” and “The Enrichment Program”.

Pre-Employment Programs

Key Industries currently provides eight pre-employment programs. Registration regulations varies for each.
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The Launch Program concentrates on gaining pre-employment skills through daily programs. As participants become more job ready, they may be referred to an Employment Counsellor and/or to one of our existing employment support programs.


The Enrichment Program focuses on wellness, job maintenance, and other fun leisure activities and events. Topics and activities covered will be driven and planned by participant’s interests. The Enrichment Program will assist employed participants with staying socially connected and engaged through the exploration of interests, hobbies and activities onsite and within the community.


Our developmental programs cover all facets of independent living. Participants can choose from a variety of life skills programs to assist with a successful and independent lifestyle.

Program Contact

Lois Poirier

ESSP Manager

506-634-6713 ext 115

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