Employment Services Division

We don't make keys, but we do open doors!

The Keys to Economic Independence

Our pre-employment programs 
foster unlimited potential

Pre-Employment Programs

Key Industries currently provides eight pre-employment programs.  Registration regulations varies for each. 
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Ways to Work

Our 14-week pre-employment social skills program

Job Search Central

Our job search and maintenance follow-up program for Ways to Work

Job Coaching

Our onsite job coaching program

Employment Marketing & Development

Our individualized job development program

In Motion/ Momentum

Our Social Development-funded program for persons on Income Assistance


Our ten week Workplace Essential Skills program that incorporates training in nine essential workplace areas

Focus Forward/
Axés vers l’avenir

Our only fully bilingual provincial
pre-employment mentoring program

The Bridge

Our brand new innovative, live and virtual, vocational simulator program

Program Contact

Trisha Heppell

Employment Marketing & Development Manager

Phone: 506-634-6888 ext. 166
Cell: 506-609-0672