Workplace Essential Skills


Key Industries has been hosting a very successful Workplace Essential Skills Program since the Spring of 2011. Since then, over 150 individuals have increased their workplace literacy and numeracy skills by taking this program.

Who should take WES? People interested in entry level work, such as retail, cleaning, landscaping, administration, food service, and more; people who have limited work experience or who have not worked in quite some time; and those who are not sure what sort of work they should do.

How does the program work? WES is a fifteen-week course that runs from 9:30-2:30, Monday to Friday. The course content and learning strategies are flexible. Participants are assessed in Reading, Numeracy and Document Use in the weeks prior to the start of the program. The class is small and limited to twelve learners.

What does WES consist of?

• Reading (workplace reading such as manuals, news, memos, notices and policies)
• Numeracy (cashier math, measurement math)
• Document Use (forms, graphs, lists, checklists, tables, charts, reports, and more)
• Working with Others (working independently, working as a team member, working in a leadership role)
• Oral Communication (customer service, speaking, listening, phone skills, self-advocacy)
• Computer Use
• Writing
• Continuous Learning
• Thinking Skills (Job Task Planning, Finding Information, Memory, Decision Making, Problem Solving & Critical Thinking)

Upcoming Programs
To inquire about a seat in WES, contact Cathy Patterson,  Employment Programs Manager, by email at or by phone at (506) 634-6888 ext 133. Please reserve a spot in this limited enrollment program 1 month before the start date, if possible.

We never stop learning!

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