In Motion/Momentum


In Motion—Module I

This program provides opportunities for participants to experience success, pride, respect, connection and achievement and, through these experiences, to build self-esteem, confidence, a sense of personal control, skills and motivation to build their future. Specifically, the intended outcomes of this Module are for participants to leave believing that:

  • I can have happy moments – it is not all or nothing
  • I can be healthy in parts of my life
  • I have some capacity, skills and strengths
  • I am willing to take some small risks
  • I see possibilities around me
  • I can make a difference (in my own life, my family, my community)
  • I have some control in my life
  • I have some people who are really on my side
  • I can recover from failure – it can move me forward

Momentum—Module II

This module continues with many of the themes introduced in Module 1 (In Motion), but at a deeper level. Module 2 focuses on four themes:

  • I AM (my interests, values and motivators)
  • I CAN (my skills, strengths and supports that can help me along the road)
  • I WANT (my preferred vision for the future)
  • I WILL (my plan for working towards my preferred future)

This 15-day Module also extends the development of Essential Skills through experiential activities and through the development and implementation of a collective project that either addresses a common need of the group or a need in their community. This project will be a forum for practicing and further developing the attitudes, skills and strategies participants will need to use in building their own preferred futures. It will be an opportunity to personalize, apply and extend the knowledge, skills and attitudes they acquired in Module 1. It will be a chance to build a sense of personal capacity, try out roles and responsibilities and develop both personal and collective pride. Importantly, this Module will also enable them to experience a sense of contribution beyond self – a key protective factor in developing and sustaining personal resilience.

Who Can Participate?

  • Social assistance (SA) recipients who are deemed to have potential for employment
  • Clients faced with multiple and complex challenges that impact their potential for employment
  • Clients who have pre-employability needs that may include: health, addictions, child/dependent care, physical living environment, conflict resolution, relationships, self-esteem, personal appearance and interpersonal skills
  • Clients who require greater levels of assessment, intervention and services in order to move through the career development continuum
  • Primarily, clients who are at an intermediate reading and writing level

“Please contact your Social Development Case Manager for information about how to apply.”


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