Elite Support Services


This service offers one-on-one Human Service Support to adults living in Saint John and surrounding areas.


Types of Services provided:

  • One-on-one support for individuals who are met with daily challenges preventing them from adjusting to a work environment
  • Homemaker support
  • Personalized care
  • Life Skills
  • Community Connections
  • Music & Art Therapy
  • Communication

One-on-one support is provided for individuals with complex needs. An individual program is put in place to target acute challenges.

A plan of action is specifically aimed at enhancing the quality of life for individuals with complex needs; preparing them to be better able to participate in events and social gatherings that they would normally not have the opportunity to take part in. Through this program, individuals are better able to express their needs and desires. Elite Support Services help individuals gain confidence in themselves to be able to interact appropriately in any environment.


  • Modification Services: Modification Services are put in place to assist individuals in understanding their aggression and to pin-point possible triggers. With this program, individuals can best manage and cope with these challenges.
  • Communication Tools:For individuals that are non-verbal, we have the resources and tools on site to help build communication skills.
  • Washroom Facilities:We provide specialized and fully equipped wheelchair accessible washrooms that are equipped with a shower, lift, transfer unit, and storage cabinets. The functional hygienic washrooms have grab bars and shower chairs to optimize efficiency and safety both for the client and attendant. Assistance is provided for those who require a higher level of personal care.
  • Private Area:We provide a sterile and private environment for individuals that require tube feeding.