About Key Industries


Our Mission

Providing services to empower persons with a disability to achieve social, community and economic independence.

Main focus

Key Industries has been committed to providing services to adults with intellectual disabilities and dual diagnoses for almost 40years. Key Industries has been a model in terms of providing progressive Social Programs that are designed and developed using a holistic and client focused approach. Each program is custom tailored to meet specific needs and goals. All aspects of this process are fuelled by assisting individuals to become as independent as possible, empowering one to achieve their full potential.

We don’t make keys, but we do open doors.



About Key Industries

Key Industries has been providing services to people with disabilities since 1974. We are an “Employment First” agency offering a wide range of programs including Workplace Essential Skills, Employability Social Skills, Career Development, Social and Community Programs and supports for those with complex needs.

Key Industries has transitioned from a sheltered model to an agency that provides a wide range of outreach programs meeting the needs of all individuals with a disability.  We believe in the possibilities for all people and are proud of the services that we provide. Contact us for more information and details about our program offerings.